Dresser and Chest of Drawers – Functionality and Style

Dresser and Chest of Drawers – Functionality and Style

A chest of drawers is also known, more commonly in North American English, as (and often abbreviated as) a wardrobe or a dresser. It is an unfinished wood-based furniture item that usually contains at least one large and at least two small drawers. The term chest of drawers comes from the upper part of the drawer – the “Chest” part – and the fact that it is used to store clothing. The word drawer is derived from Latin, meaning “drawing”. In furniture terminology, however, the term drawer is used to refer to any sort of open, flat surface on which items may be stored.

Chest of drawers storage furniture is often chosen for its unmatched space. It can provide an abundance of storage room while not taking up much room in the bedroom. The size of dressers and chests of drawers varies widely, based on the furniture type, the preferences of the purchaser, and the requirements of the particular bedroom that they will be placed in.

Dresser chests of drawers can either be constructed entirely from wood, or at least having a veneer of hardwood on the outside. While built from solid wood, many veneered chests are made from particle board, which may look quite similar to hardwood but is not quite as durable. In the past, dressers and chests of drawers were constructed entirely from oak, which was the most common material used, but is no longer the only option due to advances in modern construction techniques. Materials such as MDF and engineered wood fiber are now being used for dressers and chests of drawers. All these materials are lightweight, easy to work with, and aesthetically pleasing as well.

There are two basic styles of dressers that one might choose from: the full-sized chest, or the corner unit, which is usually smaller than the full-sized models. Some people prefer the more traditional styles such as the wall mounted dressers, which have two drawer sides along with a single drawer at the bottom of the unit. These furniture pieces are also available in various colors, finishes, and styles. Corner units are ideal for small bedrooms, as they allow for maximum space utilization while providing an illusion of more space in the bedroom.

One of the most important considerations when choosing dressers and chests of drawers is to determine how the drawers are going to function for the intended use. If one needs a chest to store personal belongings, then it would be useful to select one with multiple drawers. The number of drawers also has to be in harmony with the size of the room where the dresser will be installed. In addition, a chest of drawers should be able to fit one’s specific storage needs, and one should be able to customize the internal configuration of the drawers to accommodate for additional storage needs.

There are many different styles of dressers and chests of drawers that one can choose from, so before purchasing any piece, one should spend some time looking at a wide selection of options. When a person has made the purchase and the item is installed, it will help to ensure that the installation was a perfect fit. If the item was delivered to the wrong location, or if there was something wrong with the delivery, it could affect the functionality of the piece. Also, when ordering a piece of furniture online, it is best to know exactly what one is purchasing. Reading customer reviews and reading the descriptions of the items will give an individual a good idea about the quality and durability of the furniture.