The Different Materials of Chest of Drawers

The Different Materials of Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers, sometimes called a “drawer chest” (in British English), a piece of furniture generally used as a sideboard or as a miniature cabinet, has many parallel, flat shelves along the sides and back which, when open, provide a storage area for small but essential items. The name comes from the drawer style of the chest, which resembles the opening of a door. In modern examples these chests are made of wood, metal or both, and may not contain mirrors. Some modern designs have a pull-out narrow shelf and are known as “loft chest”.

Chest of drawers can be fitted with either straight or curved drawer slides. The choice of the slide is mainly based on the amount of space available along the front face of the furniture. Slides designed for use with chests of drawers can be opened upwards or downwards. Those designed for opening over doors have a front face that opens upwards.

A chest of drawers can be placed in the family dining room for added storage, or it can be moved into a bedroom or even a lounge area for more convenience. This piece of furniture has a large amount of surface area and will allow for the easy storage of a great number of dressers, evening wear, lingerie and shoes. It is also an ideal place to store personal accessories and it is possible to add additional drawers if required. In order to prevent damage to the dresser itself, when storing clothes and other items in the drawer should be positioned so that the bottom of the item falls directly on the back of the dresser. When using a chest of drawers in the living room, it is important to ensure that the top of the dresser does not block the opening of the top most drawer.

There are a number of different styles of chests of drawers. They can be quite ornate, while others will have a more simple appearance and they can even be made of wood. There is no shortage of styles available, so regardless of your individual storage needs you can be sure to find the perfect decorative chest of drawers to suit your needs.

The style of the chest of drawers will depend upon a number of factors. The overall size of the dresser, the number of dressers in the room and the amount of space available will all determine the style that is ideal. If there is not enough room for the drawers being positioned then you can look at constructing shelves to house the items being stored in the chest. However, if you already have plenty of space you can consider installing an entirely new dresser with drawers.

Some chests of drawers can be made from several different materials. Typically these chests will be made from solid oak or cherry wood. These materials will lend a beautiful traditional look that will work well with many different decorating styles. When it comes to the cost of these chests of drawers, it will depend on the style that you choose and the overall durability of the product. Some of the more expensive chests of drawers will be made from solid hardwood, while the cheaper ones will be made from a cheaper composite wood.