katie elisa fiore
I am currently based in Margate, UK and undertaking OSE as an associate artist. 
I am continually thinking about how our condition (one of creeping fascism, neoliberalism, environmental toxicity, accelerating time) affects us, and where are the holes /spaces that allow us to resist or find space for new realities to play out.

At present I am v interested in time & memory - Im thinking about the potential of sound in time-traveling, time-shifting. the way that we experience time is changing as the proliferation of screens & technology makes time instantaneous, we are living in a constantly archived present- What happens when we think through deep time, geological time, embodied time? im interested in the memory of space, the trace, the echo, the tear, the residue, the after-image. im interested in work that exists as a moment in time rather than a monumental work - something to be experienced, improvised, a loose score to be built upon

 Some of my interests are 
protest / (spaces of) resistance / time/  / work / biopolitics./ mental health/ dancefloors / trash / power / techno / dancing / coping mechanisms / DYS(functionality) / neurodiversity / nightlife / class & in/equality

I am interested in cultivating a tender practice based on listening & exchange. I am interested in cultivating a soft & therapeautic practice. I am interested in cultivating a sexy & desirable, raging & protesting practice >>>>

Open School East Associate Artist, 2018
LungA School - Intern/ Assistant, 2017
University of Brighton Illustration BA, 2015
GUT FEELINGS, Pettman Building, Margate, 7-9th December 

FEEDBACK, OSE @ Artlicks / Turf Projects, Croydon / 6th & 7th October 2018
DEEP LISTENING- IN THE GARDEN - An open Jam and listening session for plants. @ Crate Conversations (In Conversation with Lizzy Rose, Arrangement) / Crate, Margate / 29th September 2018
OSE on RADIO MARGATE / 28th September 2018, on the airwaves
NIGHTSWIMMING / A listening, reading & swimming workshop exploring queer writing / 7pm, 20th September, Walpole Bay, Margate  
LUIGI.  ((DJ SET)) - Hush Hush, Conversations with Myself @ Guest Projects, 18 August 2018
COSMOLOGICAL PROTEST RAVE (sound performance/ gathering) - Cliftonville Lido, Friday 13th July 2018
In Residence @ LIMBO, Margate, 9-15 July 2018
Contemporary Exorcism (Performative Reading)  @ Whitstable Biennale,  8 June 2018
Walking Distance (collaborative exhibition & long distance walking project) @ Guest Projects, London, May 2018
Common Ground (Group Exhibition)  @  Barbican Centre, London,  May 2018
Strong Currents (Sound installation and performance) @  Botany Bay, Broadstairs, April 2018
LUIGI. (DJ SET) @ Kunstraum, London,  April 2018
Now What? (Collaborative Performance) @ Barbican Free Stage, October 2017
Wrestling In The Auditorium - (Curator of FILM PROGRAMME) @ Herðubreið / Seyðisfjörður / Jan-April 2017
NOT 16 (Collaborative exhibition) @ Seyðisfjörður, April 2017
CRISIS MANGO (Collaborative exhibition), Seyðisfjörður, March 2017
Zine Week (workshop), Ideas Test, Sittingbourne, Kent, Nov 2016
Bargain Show, Bargain Studio, St Leonards, East Sussex, March - April 2016  
Studio 350 Show, The Rose Lipman Community Centre, London, Jun 2015

Meanwhile, Hoxton Gallery, London, June 2014