katie elisa fiore
born chatham, uk, 1993. 
email me at katieefiore@gmail.com

I am an artist and producer currently based in Margate, UK.

Through my practice I am interested in interrogating how we can challenge and resist the hegemonic structures that we live and learn by.  I am continually thinking about how our condition (one of creeping fascism, neoliberalism, environmental toxicity, accelerating time) affects us, and where are the holes / spaces that allow us to resist or find space for new realities to play out... I am interested in the political power of poetry & joy. And considering, how do we re-write the scores that we live by? 

I present my work to audiences through multidisciplinary practice. I am interested in using sound to access the hidden histories of place & using the hidden sound of the world as a tool for imagining other possibilities. I DJ under the moniker samstykkja. I’m interested in the dancefloor as a space of resistance, a time-machine, shifting through jungle-beats to dead-end-night-shift-equilibrium. 

I work with publics to explore our socio-political condition using a mixture of traditional and exploratory learning methodologies such as reading and writing groups, movement and sound based workshops.

I am interested in the affect of our lived environments, architecture & landscapes & the politics of mental health--I am interested in systems of time & power - Im interested in feminist/queer temporalities, in collective joy & agitation. 

This is what happened, I suggested another language, the language of things, the language of shapes surfaces and wide screens, I suggested speaking through sound, light and glass. The film became the landscape of those things, the remnants of a conversation....when the only rhythm left is acceleration…..the blitzkrieg leaves you dumbfounded, time is hurtling & Toxicity spreads through waterways, landscapes are shifting & bodies are moving, echolocating across the continent, sending signals to their sisters under the cover of darkness. High rises rise in the city & cavernous holes open up in the land. the dirge, the lacking, the lacked,, the boring dystopia >>>>>>
something like time begins to crumble under the bludred moon. it illuminates the blackness. its own shadow shimmering shrunk. it shrank the desert with its gape - the gaping crescent in the blanket of night - it shrank seas, to the deepest depths its pull pooled, spooling, releasing itself, breathing, as it sleeps the tides move upon it's chest. the dawn-kiss of total stillness.
In my work I want to think about the possibilities for improvisation, freefall, deregulation. Im interested in real-time, slow-time and thinking through sound, scoring place, creating possibilities for fluctuations. New-life forms in dead-time. & In the process of becoming we move like cloud formations. We are interconnected, entangled, the planetary alignment is a musical score, the cosmos shakes, the moon envelopes, the tides spool. we transform, like matter & the past is entangled with the-present....


Education/ Artist Development
Constellations Associate Artist, 2019
Open School East Associate Artist, 2018
Barbican Young Visual Artists - 2017-2018 
University of Brighton Illustration BA hons, 2012-2015
UCA Rochester, UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, 2012

‘doing your homework - eating your dinner - drawing a picture’
18th January 2019 | 4.30pm - 9pm (Food : 6 - 8pm) Flat Time House, Peckham 
A screening, meal and publication launch hosted by the Constellation’s group 2019/20.

Curatorial: ‘Ways of Making’ programme at CRATE, Margate
January - March 2020

A womxn led educational programme exploring embodied pedagogies and ways of integrating art into the everyday as a form of resistance and improving wellbeing.


Curatorial Projects and Workshops

Micro-Residency Programme at CRATE, Margate, July-November 2019

An open call residency whereby we placed artists with local organisations to encourage collaboration, dialogue, skill-sharing and exchange across disciplines. Artsts and organisations had the opportunity to collaborate on making and showing work.

Micro-Residency Publication ‘Collaborate and Exchange’ - November 2019
A collection of interviews, photography and essays documenting the process and outcomes, collated and designed to accompany the exhibiiton.

Constellations at Life Rewired - Public Programme, The Barbican London, 30th October 2019
A day of collaborative workshops responding to different ways the digital effects our lives. Alongside Edwin Mingard and Angharad Davies I organised a sea-shanty workshop that brought members of the public together to invite the waters of the Barbican Lake to turn saline, thereby interfering with the centres multiple tracking systems.

Antiuniversity 2019 - No More Miserable Monday Mornings - Well Projects, Margate, 18th June 2019
Workshop using Mark Fisher’s Acid Communism as a starting point to talk about work, care and collectivity - explored through dialogue, drawing, cooking and wild swimming.

Workshop: Deep Listening, In The Garden, CRATE, Margate, 29th September 2018  

Nightswimming, Walpole Bay, Margate,September 2018
Listening, reading and wild swimming workshop series exploring queer writing

Wrestling In The Auditorium - Herðubreið, Seyðisfjörður, January - April 2017
A curated film programme with the aim of introducing students and members of the public to challenging and influential film in a town that otherwise has no access to cinema.

Collaborative Exhibitions

(contributing artist) Beyond Private Reading - Publishing project by Tilly Sleven - October 2019
A platform for collating, curating and sharing reading lists, with the aim of making reading public, breaking down the hierarchies of reading material and empowering readers to develop creative ways to organise and archive information.
Constellations at Art Night, Kings Cross, London, 22nd June 2019
Gut Feelings, Pettman Building, Margate, 7-9 December 2018
FEEDBACK, Artlicks, Turf Projects, Croydon, 6th &7th October 2018
Walking Distance, Guest Projects, London, May 2019
Common Ground, Barbican Centre, London, May 2018
Strong Currents, Botany Bay, Broadstairs, April 2018 (in collaboration with Marguerite Humeau, Open School East artists and members of the public)
Not 16, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, April 2017
Crisis Mango, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, March 2017
Borderline Vanilla, Seyðisfjörður Iceland, February 2017
Bargain Show, St Leonards, East Sussex, March - April 2016
Studio 350 Show, The Rose Lipman Community Centre, London, June 2015
Meanwhile, Hoxton Gallery, London, June 2014

Performances, DJ Sets  
Winter Warmer, Well Projects, Margate, December 15th 2019
Superposition #2, Well Projects, Margate, April  1 2019
Sound Works featured on Benedict Drew’s Mixtape for BBC Radio 3 Late Junction, March 2019
Superposition #1, Well Projects, Margate, March 1 2019
Gut Feelings, Pettman Building, Margate, 7-9 December 2018
Radio Show - Open School East on Radio Margate, July-December 2018
Shake The Cosmos- The Lido Margate, Various Dates 2018
Hush Hush Conversations with Myself, Guest Projects, 18th August 2018
Performance- Contemporary Exorcism, Whitstable Biennale, 8 June 2018
Performance - Strong Currents, Botany Bay, Broadstairs, April 2018
Performance in conversation with Mary Hurrell’s Exhibition - Kunstraum, London, April 2018
Now What? Barbican Free Stage, London, October 2017

Talks and Screenings
Presentation - Whitstable Bienniale Artist Showcase, UCA Rochester, Feb 2019
Q&A and Screening - Flat Earth Film Festival, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, February 2019
Symposium - Politics, Practice and The Cultural Turn, University of Brighton, July 2015