katie elisa fiore
born chatham, uk, 1993. 
email me at katieefiore@gmail.com

I am an artist currently based in Margate, UK.  I work with expanded film, sound, photography, writing, performance and collaborative workshops and exchange.  I am continually thinking about how our condition (one of creeping fascism, neoliberalism, environmental toxicity, accelerating time) affects us, and where are the holes / spaces that allow us to resist or find space for new realities to play out. I am interested in utlising different kinds of knowledges, or cross pollinating, to try to find new spaces of resistance.. I am interested in the affect of our lived environments, architecture & landscapes-- How we can resist the hegemonic structures that we live by- I am interested in systems of time & power - Im interested in feminist/queer temporalities, im anti linear, I am seeking time-shifting as protest. I am interested in the poetry of the everyday & listening to what is already here, finding spaces of joy or creating pockets of time that exist outside of the 9-5 capitalist regime- spaces for women & queer & othered 2 be & feel safe & seen. Over the past year Ive been thinking through sound as I suppose a coping mechanism for this condition. Ive been thinking about the potential of sound in time-traveling, time-shifting. What happens when we think through deep time, geological time, embodied time? maybe we can think about the phsyicality of our surroundings as holding the answers. 

 Some of my interests are 
protest / (spaces of) resistance / time/time travel / landscape / cosmos/ moon / ways of living  / work (labour) / listening / mental health/ dancefloors / trash / power / techno / dancing / coping mechanisms / DYS(functionality) / neurodiversity / nightlife / class & in/equality 

I am interested in cultivating a tender practice based on listening & exchange. I am interested in cultivating a soft & therapeautic practice. I am interested in cultivating a raging & protesting practice >>>>

Open School East Associate Artist, 2018
University of Brighton Illustration BA hons, 2015
(screening & q&a) Flat Earth Film Festival - Seydisfjordur, Iceland, February 2019
Whitstable Biennale Artist Showcase, UCA Rochester, 21 Feb 2019
(DJ set as SAMSTYKKJA) Superposition, Well Projects, Margate, 1 March 2019

GUT FEELINGS, Pettman Building, Margate, 7-9th December
FEEDBACK, OSE @ Artlicks / Turf Projects, Croydon / 6th & 7th October 2018
DEEP LISTENING- IN THE GARDEN - An open Jam and listening session for plants. @ Crate Conversations (In Conversation with Lizzy Rose, Arrangement) / Crate, Margate / 29th September 2018
OSE on RADIO MARGATE / 28th September 2018, on the airwaves
NIGHTSWIMMING / A listening, reading & swimming workshop exploring queer writing / 7pm, 20th September, Walpole Bay, Margate  
((DJ SET)) - Hush Hush, Conversations with Myself @ Guest Projects, 18 August 2018
COSMOLOGICAL PROTEST RAVE (sound performance/ gathering) - Cliftonville Lido, Friday 13th July 2018
In Residence @ LIMBO, Margate, 9-15 July 2018
Contemporary Exorcism (Performative Reading)  @ Whitstable Biennale,  8 June 2018
Walking Distance (collaborative exhibition & long distance walking project) @ Guest Projects, London, May 2018
Common Ground (Group Exhibition)  @  Barbican Centre, London,  May 2018
Strong Currents (Sound installation and performance) @  Botany Bay, Broadstairs, April 2018
(DJ SET) @ Kunstraum, London,  April 2018
Now What? (Collaborative Performance) @ Barbican Free Stage, October 2017
Wrestling In The Auditorium - (Curator of FILM PROGRAMME) @ Herðubreið / Seyðisfjörður / Jan-April 2017
NOT 16 (Collaborative exhibition) @ Seyðisfjörður, April 2017
CRISIS MANGO (Collaborative exhibition), Seyðisfjörður, March 2017
Zine Week (workshop), Ideas Test, Sittingbourne, Kent, Nov 2016
Bargain Show, Bargain Studio, St Leonards, East Sussex, March - April 2016  
Studio 350 Show, The Rose Lipman Community Centre, London, Jun 2015

Meanwhile, Hoxton Gallery, London, June 2014