Project concieved during residency at LIMBO, Margate. Exploring different modes of protest, both private & public, time travel, the ways in which we turn to the cosmos in turns of crisis & feeling helpless in the wake of Trump.  Resurrecting the ghost tapes of the Cliftonville Lido raves. I played the tapes out to the Lido everyday at different times & recorded them within their natural environment to capture the ghosts held within the bricks & mortar. On the final day of the residency it was Trump’s inaugural visit to the UK & the dawn of the new supermoon. At 3.47am on 13th July we danced together at The Lido to the sounds of the tapes & the rising of the supermoon, hoping to evoke the memory that is held in the ghosts of raves past, the power of the collective moving of bodies.



Katie Elisa Fiore