>> you can see what I have been working on at
GUT FEELINGS, Petman Building, margate, 7-9th of December

its about the sound thats released by the drill, or not the drill, because fuck the drill, its about the sound thats always been in there, locked away, away, way way deep down in the layers of sediment that make up the earth. the bit of earth that was formed 16 degrees south of the equator, and has moved through space and time to be where it is now, in the rolling hills of Lancashire. its about the sound thats moved through space and time, like bodies or masses or great waves, drifting and settling and piling upon itself. its about the sound of deep-time and pre-human knowledge, because we’re at a moment in time that needs re-thinking, needs magic, needs mining, needs to be pushed through itself to come out the other side, ancient and covered in dust and mud and traces, shiny and hopeful